Prospect of plate filter press for Chinese rural sewage treatment

- Jun 25, 2020-

With the development of Chinese "New Rural Construction", peasant's living life and standard are highly improved. At same time, it changes their living style greatly and more like urbanization. But the traditional agricultural society is broken. Rural household garbage and sewage are greatly increasing and the rural ecological environment has been seriously damaged.

Rural settlements in China are distributed dispersedly. Thus, in the past, garbages are also scattered and abandoned directly. Most villagies do not have professional service for waste collection, transportation, landfill and disposal. And farmers are not aware enough of the danger of wastes. So the rural household garbages are abandoned everywhere. Most of them were in the river and ditch. The organics and harmful components in them finally caused drinking water pollution. In addition, tap water in rural areas is not popularized. Thus the conflict is even more acute.

Now Chinese government has a "wild ambition": establish a small sewage treatment plant for every village. Then, rural domestic sewage will be treated seriously. While wastewater treatment, plate filter press is one of necessary. This not only can effectively purify rural water resources, but also improves the quality of rural drinking water. The most important, this plan ensures health of villagers and protects the rural ecological environment.

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