How to recycle water from sand washing wastewater?

- Oct 12, 2019-

With the development of the Chinese economy, construction and building industry grow rapidly.  Sand and gravel are an important raw material. And all the sandstone market has a new vitality. According to policies on the infrastructure construction in China, real estate and transportation will continue to be invested and constructed in the next decade. This means that the demand for sand and gravel will increase in the future.

Recycle water

However, while producing sand and gravel, it will cause pollution because of sand washing. Thus there will have big capacity of mud to be disposed. If it is discharged directly, it will not only block of rivers, but also might pollute the water source. To recycle water and save running cost, some small sand manufacturer adopts natural sedimentation method. However, the method is not as expected.

Now SINO filter press can perfectly solve the problem. It use chamber filter plates, and has a very perfect filtering performance. Now our biggest model can recycle more than 100m3 clean water per hour. Thus can greatly save cost for the washery. Our filter machine have features of large processing capacity, good separation performance and wide application range. After the sludge dewatering, the water can be directly reused and can realize dry stack. 

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