Reuse water from LCD wastewater treatment

- Nov 14, 2019-

Plate and frame filter press

In China, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) production and consumption is growing rapidly. With this, there is huge amount of wastewater, so how to dispose it to reuse water is very significant. To realize "zero discharging", many manufacturers develops their designs, it not only saves the treatment time, but also can save the cost of EPT.  

How? Mainly include following 7 steps:

1.Pretreatment by hydrolysis acidification.

2. Conventional biological treatment process using MBR.

3. Further process by RO membrane.

4. Reverse osmosis concentration treatment: ozone + biological activated carbon process, chemical reaction + lamella separator.

5. Ultraviolet disinfection.

6. Sludge dewatering by plate and frame filter press.

7. Biological deodorization process. 

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