Round Filter Press for Ceramic Mud

- May 30, 2018-

What is ceramic clay? In general, it is the raw mud of the pottery and porcelain industry. For ceramics, it include many types: sanitary porcelain, household ceramic, laboratory ceramic, electrotechnical porcelain and so on. While ceramic manufacturing, the mud must be dewatered by our round filter press. Automatic round filter press is a special chamber filter press. Because of it's best plate geometric design, it can endure higher filtering pressure, so that ensure lowest cake moisture. 

No matter pottery and porcelain, their main producing methods basically are same. In the process of ceramic production, there are two kinds of techniques to form adobe: dry process and wet process. The wet process is most popular. Firstly, the raw materials are evenly grinded and mixed by ball-milling to ensure the fineness. Secondly, After sifting and removing iron, the qualified clay is obtained. The third step is to dewater the clay, and our hydraulic round filter press should be on the stage. Through the filtration of our round filter press, the water in the mud is discharged. Then processed by pugmill, and tight adobes are formed.

For this industry, normally the feeding pressure is about 1.5 MPa. To match the round filter press demand, normally the filter press pump use piston pump, whose rated pressure is about 1.5-2 MPa. If you want to dispose ceramic clay by round filter presses, please contact us right now.

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