How to dispose salty wastewater?

- May 21, 2020-

As we know, salty wastewater mainly comes from sea water and industrial wastewater. Such waste water usually contains at least 1% salt. It is commonly from chemical factories, power plants, pharmaceutical factories etc... It contains a variety of dangerous substances from wide source to pollute soil and water. So it is very necessary to adopts right method for wastewater treatment.

For industrial wastewater treatment, the salty wastewater is always a difficulty, because it contains many harmful and concessive ions. Commonly, salty elements mainly include Cl-, SO42-, Na+, Ca2+, etc. Traditional biological treatment, will be easily effected by them, even resulting in the failure and can not meet the national emission standards. Then how to treat the salty wastewater and salty mud?

In China, evaporation is the most popular method. Under high temperature, brine water will be evaporated then condense into fresh water. In addition, the brine sludge will be dewatered by the plate and frame filter press.

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