Sand blasting requirements for filter press machine

- Nov 10, 2017-

For the filter press machine, the sand blasting is the most important processing for filter press structure process. It can remove the surface rust to avoid metal continuous oxidation. And for the filter press frame, filter press head plate and filter press tail plate, after sand blasting, they can get the better painting adhesive force to get the better painting.

Filter press machine.jpg

For sand blasting, we strictly follow the operating requirement to produce the plate frame filter press. 1.While working, the workers must wear the protective equipment. 2.The gasholder, pressure gauge and the valve should be checked at regular time to make sure they have good performance. 3.Ensure the vent pipe and the sand blasting machine door are closed. 4.The compressed air valve should be opened slowly, and the air pressure must be under 0.8MPa. 5.The “iron ball” size should be suitable to ensure the good processing quality. 6.After working, we cleaned the room dust to ensure the site is clean for the next work.

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