Advantages of sand washing dewatering filter press

- Aug 01, 2019-

Sand manufacturers will produce huge amount of wastewater every year. With the strict environment protection policies, they basically install filter presses for sand washing waste water. Why? Because chamber filter press has more advantages and highest cost performance.

1.The sludge is concentrated and dehydrated directly, which can save the sludge static pre-concentration tank and the corresponding mixing and scraping equipment, and save the floor area.

2.A flocculant feeding system, a control panel and a feed pump are all required. It's cost effective and easy to operate.

3.Good phosphorus removal effect. Because it reduces the time of concentration and avoids the release of phosphorus during sludge concentration. It can achieve a good phosphorus removal effect.

4.High solid content after dehydration. 

5.Its mechanism is compact, with strong rectangular steel frame, high strength extrusion roller and pneumatic tensioning belt. 

6.Low water consumption, the clear filtrate produced by pre-dehydration can be used for filter belt cleaning and flocculant preparation. 

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