SINO Filter Press Maintenance Knoeledge

- Feb 06, 2021-

Now in China, filter presses accounting for more and more market. This is mainly due to its wide application, easy installation, and low operating cost. Today we’d like to share some knowledge about filter press maintenance. What should do if the hydraulic pressure can not reach the set value?

For filter presses in China, the most type is hydraulic filter presses. They have the function of hydraulic pressure keeping. Specifically, it is to set a pressure range while working. When the cylinder pressure reaches the upper limit of the pressure gauge, the hydraulic system will automatically stop running; on the contrary, when the pressure is lower than the lower limit, the oil pump will automatically run again. In this way, the cylinder closing force can be always maintained within a certain pressure range to meet the feed pressure requirement.

If the cylinder pressure cannot reach the required value, please check the following aspects: 1. Oil level. Must ensure the hydraulic oil is sufficient. Generally, the oil level should reach 1/2 to 2/3 position of the observation window after pressing. 2. Pressure gauge. Please endure the gauge works smoothly and sensitively. 3. High-pressure relief valve. For the new machine, it may be caused by high-pressure relief valve. Just slowly screw the valve clockwise will be ok. 4. Oil quality. After the long-time operation, the oil quality might deteriorate, then the hydraulic valves will be blocked. Please clean the valves in time. 5. Oil cylinder seals. Please replace seals. The above steps are only applicable to SINO filter presses and just for your reference only.

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