Sludge Dewatering Filter Press

- Dec 05, 2017-

We know filter presses are good sellers in ETP (wastewater treatment plant) for sludge dewatering. What is sludge? Sludge is vice products while sewage disposing. Wile waste water disposal, it will produce many types of sediment and suspended solids. No matter physical processing, chemical processing or biological processing, all will cause sludge.

Filter press principle.jpg

The sludge types and nature are greatly different according to the raw water and treatment technology. Of course, the sludge content is very complicated. It might contains pathogenic micro-organisms, heavy metal, toxic chemicals and some materials that is very difficult to be degraded, so if it can not be disposed properly, it will cause secondary pollution to the environment. On the other hand, some sludge contains lots of nutrient substance, which is useful for soil as fertilize, and it can improve the plant growth. And some can be further produced as energy source. So it’s very necessary to use our pp filter press to dewater the sludge and recycle the water.

For the municipal wastewater treatment plant, the sludge contents 75%-99% water, and about 1/3 organics can be transferred to sludge. Because it contains lots of organics, so it’s very easy to be smelly. Additionally, some industrial wastewater will also discharged into municipal system, thus will cause more difficult for wastewater treatment. However, our membrane filter press and chamber filter press is good at for sludge dewatering. Pls contact us for more filter press technical data.

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