Sludge Dewatering Filter Press for Waterworks Wastewater

- Jul 13, 2017-

The running water is closely related to our life. The waterworks will produce a lot of wastewater whose the impurities come from the raw water. And we should pay attention to the indicators of iron, manganese and the microbiological element etc...For the wastewater treatment, we normally use the sludge dewatering filter press. It not only save water resources and improve the running capacity, but also decrease the discharging capacity of the wastewater.

Waterworks filter press.jpg

For the wastewater treatment of running water, there are physical method (sedimentation, filtration and adsorption) and the chemical method (chlorination process and potassium permanganate method etc). We usually use the both together. The raw water goes through the mixing tank, sedimentation tank and the filtering tank. And the sludge water from sedimentation tank and the washing water from filtering tank are collected. Then it will be pumped into the sludge filter press to treat and dewater. After the filtering, the solid will form the filter cakes with lowest filter press cake moisture and discharge out of the machine, and the liquid will go to the next step. SINO FILTRATION has high quality filter press and the professional technology support.

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