Sludge dewatering filter presses for shield slurry and piling mud

- Nov 15, 2020-

Because of Cov-19, Chinese government payed more attention on domestic demand. To realize this, this year, the government has significantly increased much more money in infrastructures, for example, bullet train, subway and other national facilities. During the construction process, shield machines and pile drivers produce a large amount of shield slurry and pilling mud. Thus it need suitable filtration equipment for wastewater treatment. For such sludge, the solid physical properties will vary greatly due to the different geological structures and strata. After years of practice, the plate frame filter press is a wise choice for sludge watering. Not only it can realize the water recovery, but also can reach zero pollution.

This system is mainly composed of filter press system, dosing system and feeding system. After the coagulants are properly proportioned, they will be metered into the sludge and mixed evenly. Then, the slurry will be pumped into filter press chambers. Finally, after high-pressure squeezing, blocky filter cakes are formed. In the whole dehydration process, the following points need to be concerned. First, the proportion and dosage of the chemical agent should be matched with the sludge. Different soil layers have different viscosity. Commonly agents are PAC, PAM, and lime. Furthermore, the solid content has a directly impact on the filtering efficiency. Generally speaking, it will be much easier to dewater, if the feed slurry’s gravity over 1.3. Of course, it is necessary to ensure good fluidity of the slurry. For more information, please contact us for suitable filter press type and model.


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