Sludge dewatering effect of press filter machine

- Oct 31, 2019-

Chamber filter press for sand washing

It is well known that SPT (sewage treatment plants) is not only for wastewater harmless treatment, but also to recycle water. But for waterworks, it's completely different. For SPT sludge, normally the organic matter content is very high. But for waterworks, the sludge mainly is inorganic, namely mud and fine sands. Therefore, it is much easier to realize dry stack after sludge dewatering. 

Besides above, the both slurry, finally will use press filter machine to reuse the water. But the filter press types are different. For water works, normally adopts chamber type press filter. After disposal, the moisture content of sludge can reduced to less than 30%, becoming a dry and hard cake. Thus it not only easy to transport but also saves cost. At present, most of the water plants in China adopt plate filters to dehydrate the sludge. 

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