How to process sludge by filter press?

- Dec 09, 2017-

Generally speaking, the sludge will be processed by 3 steps: pre-treatment, sludge dewatering, final disposal. Here the first two steps are necessary for all wastewater treatment, and the final disposal will be done according to various factors. While sludge dewatering, our filter press is first choice.


The pretreatment mainly include: collection, regulation, thickening, dehydration and related equipment management. And the sludge treatment technology mainly has Digestion, fermentation.

2.Sludge dewatering.
The key points of sludge treatment is “reduction”, namely, dewatering. Only the sludge was dewatered, the final solid can be further disposed. Here are many dewatering method: natural dehydration, mechanical dewatering and heat drying. Now in China pp filter press is the popular dewatering method, especially membrane plate filter press.

3.Final disposal. After dewatering, the solid will be processed to avoid secondary pollution. The popular way include: CSWSTC, incineration, further reclining (say, building materials etc) etc... Pls contact China filter press factory for more info.

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