Solution for filter press material leakage

- Jun 27, 2017-

While filter press operating, no matter cast iron filter press or pp filter press,  sometime because of incorrect filter press operation, the material might ejects. Once this happened, the filtering process will be stopped. Additionally, it will pollute working environment. If we find the reasons then we can get better filtering performance.

Filter Cake.jpg

SINO FILTRATION is a professional filter press manufacturer, here we list some popular reasons for your reference: 1. the feeding pressure is too high. 2.The closing pressure is not enough. 3.The filter cloth breaks. 4.The filter cloth is not installed accurately. 5.The filter plate breaks. 6.There are some solids on the surface of the filter plates.

On base of above reasons, following solutions are suggested: 1. Pls control the feeding pressure as reburied. 2.Pls check the hydraulic station, make sure the oil pipes are installed accurately and make sure the seals and the valves can work etc. 3.Pls check filter cloth and repair or change it.4.Pls ensure filter cloth has no wrinkle.5.Ensure filter plates are in good condition. 6.Pls clean the residual solids on filter plate in time.

If you want to import a filter press, or has any question on plate and frame filter press, pls contact us. As a professional filter press factory, we can give you best solutions to realize best filter press functions.

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