Starch plate filter press

- May 13, 2020-

Starch is our daily food and comes from many sources. In China, it mainly comes from corn, potatoes, cassava and so on. In the production processes of starch, the main processes are: crushing, concentration, gluten and starch separation, washing and dewatering. The dehydration of starch is an core part. And our filter presses are the popular tool used for starch dewatering.

SINO FILTRATION has various models of plate frame filter press for different individual production demand. Among them, our automatic filter press adopts PLC program control system, which greatly reduces the workload. In addition, the equipment has features of low running cost, low starch moisture, clear liquid. Beside, it’s easy to control filtration precision. With our continuous improvement and optimization, our equipment has been widely recognized in the starch industry. Based on different demand, SINO FILTRATION provides professional services to customize starch dehydration solutions for you, so as to achieve lower output and drive higher output rate. Of course, our machines, also can be used for starch wastewater sludge dewatering. Please contact us for specifications and price.

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