What is a good structure of the filter press

- Jul 08, 2017-

The frame is a basic part of the filter press, and it also is the important part. Its main function is to support the filter plates, so it has big influence on the filter press operation. The performance is decided by the filter press design calculation.

Filter Press Design.JPG

The frame consists of head plate, tail plate, beams and closing system. And beams connects with the head plate and the tail plate on the both ends of the frame. The quality of filter press structure directly reflect the tecnical level of a filter press manufacturer.

Filter Press Design Calculation.JPG

Our filter frame is made of the high quality Q235/Q345 carbon steel. This material has large structure strength and good tenacity, so it can bear high pressure and heavy weight. After it is processed by the sand blasting, the rust will be removed. Then it will be painted by rust preventing paint and finish paint to ensure it doesn't be corroded. Our structure ensures good performance and long service life of the filter press. If you want to filter press import, pls contact us.

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