Strucure of plate frame filter press

- Dec 17, 2017-

Structure of Membrane Filter Press-.jpg

1.Tail plate: it’s at the tail part of the plate plate filter press, so it’s called tail plate or end plate. It is connected with beams and feet. Tail plate used to against the closing pressure, so some call this part as trust plate. The outlet (for hidden filtration method) and inlet are on it.
2.Head plate. It’s used to move the filter plates packs. The tail plate and head plate are coupled and the both are made of metal. For some big filter press machine, to improve the filtering efficiency, here also can additionally install a inlet.
3.Filter press plate. The filter press plates are used to support filtering medium, such as filter cloth, filter paper. The plate quality directly affect the filter press’s quality. The filter plate material will be has different types and different materials.
4.Filter cloth. Filter press clothes are the main filtering medium. The suitable filter cloth can highly improve the filtering performance. PP filter cloth is the most popular.
5.Beam. On a side beam filter press, there are 1 filter press, for over beam filter press, there are only 1 beam. The beam material will be a little different according filtering pressure.
6.Closing device. For pp filter press, hydraulic filter press are the most popular, it adopts hydraulic station as the closing device. Besides that, there also has mechanical filter press, manual jack filter press, manual hydraulic filter press, mechanical screw filter press, air driven filter press etc...
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