Sugar Syrup Filter Press

- Jul 20, 2017-

Sugar is a popular food, and its raw materials include sugarcane or sugar beet etc. Sugar industry is the basic industry of the food industries, and it also is the raw material industry of the paper-making, chemicals and medicines etc, so it is important for the national economy.

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The sugar technology processes mainly include extraction, clarification, boiling off, honey separation and the desiccation etc. And on the clarification, it needs the sugar filter press to filter. 

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The clarification includes heating sugar juice, adding clarifying agent and sediment separation. And there are three methods: lime method, SO2 method and carbonic acid method, and these all need the lime milk to treat. We add the lime, SO2 and the flocculant into the cane juice, then we use the syrup filter press to remove the non-sugar, improve the fineness of the cane juice, decrease the viscosity and get the best quality raw material syrup. 

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