Temperature effect on the diaphragm filter press

- Feb 16, 2020-

Diaphragm filter press normally is suggested works under ambient temperature, but not suitable for high temperature material. Why? What’s the temperature effect on it? It mainly relates two points: pp filter plates and filter clothes. 

On one hand, as we know, membrane filter plates popularly adopts PP material with three layers, and in China, they are manufactured by heating welding machine. Once the temperature of slurry is high, it will lead to deformation, especially after membrane squeezing. Finally it will lost it elasticity, and can not realize secondary squeezing function. 

On the other hand, high temperature will effect filter cloth. Under higher temperature and high temperature, fibers of the filter cloth will be soft, and the pore size will increase slightly. Then filtrate is more likely to flow out. Thus the filtering precision will less. 

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