Textile Wastewater Membrane Filter Press

- Jul 12, 2017-

The textile wastewater is produced by the boiling, rinsing, bleaching and starching etc. And this process will produce a lot of the impurities, such as: fibrin, starch, detergent and some inorganic substance( alkali, sulfide and some kinds of salt). So it has big pollution, and must be processed to recycle. We usually use the filter press to treat it, and the membrane filter press is the most popular equipment.

Membrane Filter Plate.jpg

Textile wastewater includes wastewater of ferrous sulfate pretreatment, stewing wastewater, bleaching wastewater etc. And the textile wastewater has some features: big capacity and not easy treatment etc. Generally, it will be pre-treated before the filtering. Use the suitable technology to oxidate, adsorb, flocculate, coagulate, disinfect and deodorize. Then it will be filtered by the filter press for sludge treatment.

While filtering via the membrane filter press, the textile wastewater will be pumped into the filter chambers, and after the filtering, it will be squeezed by the membrane filter plate to realize best filter press performance. Because the wastewater has small fiber, so that will block the filter clothes. But for the membrane filter press, that can squeeze to avoid this trouble. On the other hand, our membrane filter press can realize automatic cake discharging and adds the other flexible functions to improve the performance, and get the best filtering efficiency. If need more info on wastewater filter press, pls contact us: www.sinofilterpresses.com.

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