The cast iron filter press filter plate

- Sep 02, 2017-

For cast iron filter press, the filter press plate is made of high quality cast iron. It has high strength and can bear high temperature. So the cast iron filter press mainly used for high temperature material, such as: waste oil recycle etc.

Cast Iron Filter Press Plate.JPG

According to types of filter plate can be plate type filter press and recessed filter press,  producing processes include furnace smelting, molding, casting, polishing and painting etc. First, the steel is be smelted by the furnace, then it will be molded and cast to become the square plate. After that, the square plate will be polished to make the surface smooth, so that it will not damage the filter press clothes. Finally, paint the surface to resist corrosion.

According to the carbon content, the cast iron filter press plate will be divided into he high quality nodular cast iron filter plate and the normal cast iron filter press (gray iron). For the nodular cast iron filter plate, it has higher strength structure and better toughness. Normally, for foreign market, we adopt the nodular cast iron to ensure the best quality. If you want to know more info on high pressure filter press, pls contact us now.


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