The cause and solution of the explosion plate in the plate-frame filter Press

- Apr 25, 2017-

Plate-Box Filter press in the process of operation, because of various reasons can appear fried plate phenomenon, this is very dangerous, want to avoid this phenomenon in a timely and effective manner, must understand the plate-box filter press the cause of the fried plate and timely to make a plate-box filter press solution.

Firstly, we analyze the reason of plate-box filter Plate blasting PLATE: not obey the operation rules, suddenly open the valve when the sheet-box filter press enters the material, so that the filter plate is blown up under the excessive pressure; the feeding inlet is blocked, the local pressure difference increases; The plate frame is not aligned with the required quantity, or is not separated by clapboard, causing adjacent filter plates to be blown up gradually; the feed resistance suddenly l liters, the driving force exceeds the filter plate bearing capacity; insufficient strength of the filter plate support beams, After bending, the plate frame is uneven, the side enters mud, the filter board plane is uneven.

Solution: Strengthening the working responsibility and technical training of the plate-frame filter press, strictly control valve opening speed, often check the feeding mouth state, the quality of the mud into the need to carry out the necessary renovation, such as the beam support to the hanging pillar to support, the center of the empty side hydraulic pressure or to enter the mud pipe more than the point into the mud and so on.

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