The effect of temperature on the press filter of hydraulic plate and frame

- Apr 25, 2017-

As the temperature is getting higher, today we are simply explaining the effect of summer temperature on the filter press. So what are the effects of the temperature when we use the filter press? What will happen?

Speaking of the temperature to the filter press the biggest influence, here we mentioned last time, the pressure filter oil cylinder in the pressure of the temperature of the filter equipment. Its oil temperature directly affects the filter efficiency and filter press status. The second is the filtration temperature of the filter fluid. Some customers of the filter filter is directly exposed under the sun, after the sun exposure filtrate temperature or straight up, which directly affect the filter plate of the service life.

The temperature of the filtered liquid also affects the filtration quality and efficiency of the filter cloth of the plate and frame filter. The temperature of the filter is improved, and the water molecules are more active, so the moisture is easier to flow from the filter cloth. Coupled with the temperature of the filtration solution, the same is also transmitted to the filter cloth, filter cloth at different temperatures, the holes directly also have a certain change, in the high temperature situation small, the filter cloth fiber temperature will also increase, the aperture also increases, so the temperature increases, filtration efficiency will also have a certain increase. So we are purchasing filter equipment, we must tell the manufacturers need to filter the temperature. At the same time, it is recommended that the majority of manufacturers in the summer as far as possible to filter press or filter to do some covering measures. Try to avoid the temperature rising.

The effect of ambient temperature on the work of the filter press is said. Now the filter equipment is more or less some circuits, we all know that the line in high temperature environment, coupled with their own fever, circuits sometimes spontaneous combustion, that is why some time-long equipment prone to problems in the summer. If the hydraulic plate filter press, the ambient temperature is too high, so that the hydraulic pressure to stop working, can cause the hydraulic oil temperature is too high, the temperature of the hydraulic cavity too high.

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