The Filter Press Development

- Sep 17, 2017-

The every production is a result of the painstaking efforts and wisdom of many people. And the filter press is also same. For the filter press development, it has big change.

In the china, firstly the filter press was used in the wine industry. On the Song dynasty, the wine consumption can not meet the demand. Then people invent the most primitive filter press to separate the wine and grains. And the original filter press is plate frame filter press. In the foreign countries, the first filter press is used for the beer-making. The filter press increased beer supply and the beer industry also has the big development.

With the development of science and technologies, the filter press is the more and more advanced and automatic. Now, there are lots types of the filter presses, such as: plate frame filter press, automatic chamber filter press, Automatic membrane filter press and the special filter press etc. And it has widely applications, such as: chemicals, mining, foodstuff, wastewater treatment etc.

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