How to chose types of filter press?

- Jul 26, 2017-

There are various kinds of filter presses. If you want to get a suitable filter press with good filtering performance, how to select of types of filter press is very important.

Chamber Filter Plate.jpg

To select a suitable one from filter presses, normally we consider the following influenced factors: 1. what material it is? and it’s basic chemical and physical characters. 2.the capacity per unit time. 3.the solid content, and the solid size. 4.the power situation. Then we will recommend the suitable filter press types and models. On the other hand, there are open filtrate discharging and hidden filtrate discharging. General, we recommend open filtrate discharging to get better filtering performance.

Membrane Filter Plate.jpg

The above are the normal selection of the filter press. Additionally we also recommend some flexible functions, such as: drip tray, belt conveyor, fast open system and cloth washing system etc. SINO FILTRATION, as the professional filter press manufacturer, we can give you the best suggestion for the filter press. If you have any question pls contact us.


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