Vehicle Mounted Filter Press For Oil Filed

- Jun 16, 2017-

Vehicle mounted filter press adopts modular construction. It integrates all related skids of the filter press, such as: filter press feed pump, air compressor, mixing tank etc., and all those skids are installed in a steel structure, so that can be easily transported from one place to other places. It requires higher automation and centralized control: feeding, filtering, squeezing, discharging and other processes.

Vehicle Mounted Filter Press.jpg

The functions and the operation of the truck mounted filter press are same as the fully automatic filter press, but it has more features:
1.Integrated design. Including filter press automatic cake discharging, drip tray, belt conveyor, membrane filter press squeezing etc.
2.It make filter presses have higher automation.
3.Reduce labor intensity, increase production efficiency and improve filter press effect.
4.Easy to move, convenient to transport, meet the special site.

The vehicle-mounted system needs higher technical requirement to meet some special industry, such as: oil field, dredging etc.., more info on China filter press, pls contact us.

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