Maintenance of Wastewater Filter Press

- May 19, 2018-

We know, many industries cause wastewater, and because of the China's new environment protection policy, wastewater filter press is greatly demanded in 2017 and 2018. For different wastewater sludge dewatering, the filter press type will be different. In general, most popular wastewater filter press include chamber filter press and membrane filter press. In before articles, we have discussed some regular filter press maintenance, especially on the filter press plate and filter press clothes. today we talk some points from other angles. 

There are many kinds of wastewater, such as: mining wastewater, biological wastewater, textile wastewater etc.. But for waste water filter press, before pumped into the filter press chamber, we normally require the customer to stir it, especially for the thick sludge and the material which is easy to settle. Because regarding those sewage, if do not stir, it might cause feeding pressure not even/uniform, thus will damage the plates of wastewater filter press. 

Check the pipeline of wastewater filter press before staring filter press working. While checking the pipeline, mainly focus on the valves and pressure gauge. For every shift operation, once the workers are duty off, all valves will be closed. So it's very necessary to check valves to avoid damage to the filter press pump or filter plates. Here valves, not only just refers to inlet valve and return valve, also include air valves, squeezing water valve etc...

Beside, for wastewater filter press, it might used for very harmful materials, such as: toxic, high temperature, strong acid or alkali etc.. So for such working situation, the filter press operator must ware protection clothes to keep accident off. If you want to buy wastewater filter press, pls contact us. SINO FILTRATION has rich experience on various wastewater sludge dewatering, and we are glad sharing with you. 

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