Municipal wastewater sewage sludge filter press

- Jul 23, 2017-

Municipal wastewater mainly come from life wastewater, such as: kitchen wastewater and the washing wastewater etc. It’s turbid and odorous, and it has a lot of germs, virus and parasites. So the municipal wastewater treatment is very necessary, and the most popular treating equipment is sewage sludge filter press.

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Automatic plate filter is the popular solid-liquid separation equipment, that has good filtering performance, and there are many kinds of types and the materials. So it’s widely used for various industries, especially in municipal wastewater.

For the municipal wastewater treatment, its technology processes includes: physical treatment, biological treatment and the advanced treatment. On the physical treatment, its main purpose is removing the suspended solid, and it can use the filter press to filter ad trap the solids. On the biological treatment, it adopts aerobic biological method and anaerobic biological method to remove the BOD. Finally, it will be advanced treated through the coagulation, precipitation, filtration to remove the suspended solid, SOD and the other impurities and get the best effect.

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