What affects the filter press filtering area?

- Jun 23, 2018-

What affects the filter press filtering area? As a professional China filter press manufacturer, the effective filtering area of the pp filter press is decided by two factors: filtering area of the plate and the plate quantity of the filter press machine. You might think it’s very simple for this answer, however, it’s complicated. 

For the pp filter press plate is pressed by plate mould. For different filter press manufactures, their standard will be different. For example, for a 1m filter plate, some filter plate factory might keep 40mm edge, however, some might 50mm edge. The more wider edge it is, the smaller filtering area will be. This will be different for various filter press types. Additionally, for a plate of the filter press, the plate design will be different. Take chamber filter press as example, some filter plate adopts chamfering, some use straight angle. 

For the filtering area of a filter press machine, it’s also affected by the filter plate quantity. For example, for small filter press, we will not recommend too much filter plates. Because it will great increase the beam duty. If the customer need big filtering area, we will use big filter press to meet the demand, so that ensure the stable performance. If you has and confusing on filter press or filter plate, pls contact us.  

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