Why filter cakes on plate filter press can not discharge automatically?

- Apr 15, 2020-

Plate filter press is a very good tool for sludge dewatering. It's popular because of good performance and cost-saving. While actual operation, some customers consult why their filter cakes can not discharge automatically? There are two main reasons.


First of all, it is due to internal factors. For example, the filter clothes, feeding pressure, filter press type, working cycle etc... Detail speaking, for some clothes, say, monofilament, it's surface is much more smooth, but for none-woven, it's absolutely shows sticky. Regarding the filtering pressure the higher, the residual cake moisture lowers, then will much easier to discharge. Similarly, the membrane type is best choice for viscous sludge. Only right recommendation can dispose sludge efficiently.

Second, external factors. This mainly decided by the sludge type and pretreatment technologies. For some sludge, filter press is not very suitable, such as, oily sludge. For oily sludge, it's viscous to block filter press clothes. So normally it's required remove oil in advance. Additionally, for most wastewater treatment, coagulates can improve particle's chemical and physical nature, so that to sludge management much easier.

So if you want to dewater sludge, pls contact professional filter press manufacturer, SINO FILTRATION, will supply a comprehensive solution. It’s not only buy a machine, but also the technical service.

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