Working principle of plate and frame filter press

- Apr 25, 2017-

The plate and Frame filter press is arranged by alternating filter plate and filter box to constitute a set of filter chamber. The surface of the filter plate is grooved and its protruding part is used to support the filter cloth. The Filter box and filter plate have holes in the corners, assembled after the complete passage, can access the suspension, washing water and the extraction of filtrate. Each side of the plate and frame has a hand on the crossbeam, pressed by the tight device, the box. The effect of the sealing gasket between the plate and the box is sealed. By the feeding pump the suspension hydraulic into the filter chamber, filter cloth to form a residue, until the filter chamber. filtrate filter cloth and flow along the filter plate groove to the plate-frame corner channel, concentrated discharge. The filtration is finished, can pass through the washing water wash the filter residue. After washing, sometimes also access to compressed air, remove the remaining detergent. Then open the filter press removal of the residue, cleaning the filter cloth, pressing the plate, box, start the next work cycle.

The plate and Frame filter press can be applied to a large or near non-compressed suspension of the residue. Suitable suspension of solids concentration of particles generally below 10%, operating pressure generally for 0.3~0.6 MPA, special can reach 3 MPa or higher. The filter area can increase or decrease with the number of plate frames used. The plate box is usually square, the inner edge of the filter box is 320~2000 mm, and the box is thick for 16~80 mm, and the filter area is 1~1200 square meter. The plate and frame are pressed by manual spiral, electric screw and hydraulic pressure. The plates and frames are made of timber, cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, polypropylene and rubber and other materials.

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