Application Of Filter Press In Ore Dewatering

- Apr 25, 2017-

Press filter is a kind of commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment. Because the filter board has stable performance, easy to operate, safe, labor-saving features in the early 18th century should be applied to chemical production, has been widely used in various industries. Metal pressing barrel by the seamless steel tubes processing, plastic filter plate molding, high temperature, high-pressure, durable.

Filter press is an important equipment for recycling and washing water circulating in coal slime plant. With the rapid development of mechanized coal mining technology in China, the coal preparation plant is becoming more and more large, and the problem of the difference between the qualitative change and the coal mud increase. A higher requirement for the filter press of slime water treatment equipment is put forward, which promotes the continuous improvement of the filter press, and the new high-efficiency press filter is emerged.

In the iron concentrate dehydration, the first depends on the filter press and its beneficiation skill and grinding granularity, grinding granularity is exceptionally fine, when -0.045mm exceed 85%%, the traditional disc vacuum filter, ceramic filter, drum filter, etc. can not end dehydration, especially the choice of flotation skills, these devices are not able to play a role. Therefore, the ore dressing profession gradually selects the large rapid pressure filter to dispose the dehydration question of tailings and concentrate. To KM series of rapid press filter For example, it has completely overturned the traditional filter press, the disposition is usually the traditional filter press 2~4 times, completely changed the filter press, the operating cost of high, active degree of low, recurrent leaking and other backward appearance.

Filter press can flourish and widely used, its greatest superiority is the positive pressure, high-pressure pressure dehydration, more than the traditional vacuum filter pressure is much worse, so the filter cake moisture, low energy consumption, less metal loss, the filtrate clear and transparent. As early as more than 10 years ago, experts pointed out that the filter press is the only one in all industrial filters to ensure that the filter cake moisture reaches 10% below, and can not add a flocculant of fine equipment.

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