Food Grade High Temperature Automatic Filter Press Export To Vietnam

- Nov 26, 2017-

Plate Filter press is popular filtration equipment for many industries, because of lowest cost and easy operation. This month, we win a big order (USD 198,000.00) from Vietnam market on high temperature filter press successfully. This filter press machine is used to filter the syrup.

LC -_副2.jpg

For sugar manufacturer, the syrup will need decoloration, so our filter press is a popular tool. Here we adopts food grade filter press to meet the special industry. This time, the filter press use high efficiency discharging device to improve the filtering efficiency. Additionally, to meet higher requirement and ensure stable performance, we use ABB motor, Siemens PLC, Schneider elements etc...

For food industry, besides, our filter press is widely used for liquor, beverage, oil, beer, agar etc... If you want to buy automatic filter press, pls contact us now.   

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