Automatic Filter Press For Ukraine

- Sep 05, 2017-

On September 4, 2017, we signed a $100,000 order, which is a big size automatic filter press. And it will export to the Ukraine.

Ukraine Order.jpg

This automatic filter press, it adopts recessed filter press plate. 1. For the filter plate design, it adopts advanced design, such as: suitable support point arrangement, reasonable discharging pipeline design etc... So while operating, it has good filtering effect and efficiency. And it decreases the impact force for the filter plate and increases the span-life. 2. For the materials, it adopts high quality pure PP material. And it’s molded by the 3500T pressing machine, then it will be processed by the CNC milling to make sure the flatness error is under 25μm. 3. Compare with other filter press manufacturers, our recessed filter press plate can bear 1.2MPa and the max temperature can endure 100 ℃. Pls contact us, China filter press manufacturer.  

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