Bangladesh Installation For Belt Filter Press

- Mar 23, 2018-

"Customer First" is our pursuit, and "Good Service" is our mission. Our after-sales engineer, just came back from Bangladesh on March 22. From 17 to 21, we sent our engineer to Dacca to install the Belt Filter Press, which integrated with drum thickening system. After trail running, the belt filter press machine works perfectly, pls check the following picture. 

China Belt Filter Press.jpg

The belt filter press is DNY series, which is mainly used for wastewater treatment, such as: printing and dyeing wastewater, municipal sewage, biological sludge, paper making wastewater etc... It adopts compact design, and it has features of automatic control and continuous operation. Additionally, the whole structure is made of SUS304, so that ensure stable performance and longer service. The Bangladesh customer use our DNY stainless steel belt filter press for printing and dyeing sludge dewatering. Before sewage treatment, the moisture of solid particles is 99.4%-98%. After dewatering of our belt filter, the final moisture content is below 80%. 

Comparing with plate filter press, belt filter press is good at wastewater treatment, especially for the soft solids. And it has lower requirement on the chemicals. So belt filter press normally recommended for the complicated sludge. The installation and commissioning work wwere completed successfully. Thus our engineer was praised by the Bangladesh customer. Please contact us if you want buy belt filter press or filter press.

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