Chamber Filter Press For Tailing Dewatering

- Jan 28, 2019-

On 25 this month, the world's biggest iron ore manufacturer, “ Companhia Vale do Rio Doce”, cause tailing dam leakage. Vale of Brazil, on 2018, it lists 325 on Global 500. This damage, till 28, more than 58 peoples died and more than 300 peoples were missing. This is the second similar accidents for the company within latest 3 years.   

This is a huge disaster. Although the local government has actively tried to carry out rescue and casualty care, the lost is over the expectation and immeasurable. The dam is the one of the oldest, which was build on 1976, and the volume is about 12,000,000 m3. Till now there is no specific data on the leakage capacity. But obviously the damage is worse than the accident on 2015. On 2015, the joint venture company “Samarco”, which was established by Vale of Brazil and BHP Billiton, their Fundão dam was broken and 19 peoples died. On that year, their producing capacity reduced about 1/3. The both mine accidents belong to the same state. 

Actually, for mining tailing, it's very easy to be dewatered by chamber filter press. After sludge dewatering, the cake moisture can be only about 12%. Then it not only can realize dry stack easily, but also can recycle the water and very healthy for the environment. Because China accounts for their 70% market, so this dam break also shocked Chinese stock market. From 25 till 28, the iron contract price has increase about 5%. Predictably Chinese filter press price will also icrease in 2019.  

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