Chamber Membrane Filter Press Exported To UK

- Mar 27, 2018-

The membrane filter press of Youzhou SINO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd successfully exported to UK on mar 25, 2018. Because last filter presses greatly satisfied the customer, so they placed the following order. And will cooperate with us in the long run.  

China CE filter press.JPG

Membrane filter press separate solid and liquid under higher pressure, comparing with chamber filter press. And it's an intermittent equipment for water filtration. The filter chambers of chamber membrane filter press consist of membrane filter plates and companion filter plates. Under feeding pump pressure, the filtered materials will be sent to each filter chamber. Through filter clothes, it will separate solid and liquid. Then filter cakes will be squeezed under higher pressure by membrane filter plates, so that get the lowest residual moisture. 

Our membrane filter press, which exported to UK, have been CE certificated, so it's quality and safety standard will be much better. SINO membrane filter presses have been widely used in various fields, such as metallurgy, coal, gas, paper making, foodstuff, brewing, fine chemicals etc... Due to wide usage, membrane plate filter press is the first choice for customers. Chamber membrane filter press is considered as an upgraded equipment on base of chamber filter press, because it has better filtration effect and higher efficiency. If you want to purchase filter presses, please call us immediately.

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