China Imported Filter Presses Is Decreasing

- Aug 04, 2019-

In the future, with the industrial development, enterprise demand on dewatering machine will be greater and greater. First of all, the because of industrial refinement, filter presses will be used to new fields; Secondly, with the increasing of output capacity, it will also promote the use of plate filters. In addition, plate frame filter press has a good filtering effect, thus it will reduce the cost of the further process. So there will be more and more manufacturers needs it. 

Chinese filter press factories, after a long time of technical research and development, can produce machines, whose performance achieves foreign devices. This makes domestic customers abandon the expensive imported filter presses, and buy them made in China. To the contrary, Chinese press filters are exported more and more to foreign market year by year. 

Especially, in recent years, domestic enterprises develops rapidly on manufacturing technology, through a course of introduction, digestion and independent innovation. The technical content and quality of products have been greatly improved. The gap with foreign goods becomes smaller. The manufacturing level of machine and filter plates has approached or reached the international advanced level. And our products has obvious cost advantage. While gradually entering the international markets, the demand on imported filter presses is decreasing every year. 

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