PP Monofilament Filter Press Clothes Delivery

- Aug 23, 2017-

On August 22, 2017, our filter press clothes were delivered to Indonesia, and it will be arrived in time. This filter press clothes are pp filter clothes. And it’s packed by the woven bag (seaworthy wooden case is optional). And they are widely used for various industries, such as: food, chemical and wastewater treatment etc. On the other hand, it includes long fibers filter cloth and the short fibers filter cloth, plain filter cloth and twill filter cloth etc., to meet different usage.

China monifilament and multifilament filter press clothes.jpg

PP filter cloth, it’s one of popular filter medium. This time delivered is higher quality monofilament filter clothes. And it has features of better filtering performance, good wear resistance, the high chemical stability, and they are easy to discharge and be cleaned.

For pp mono filter cloth, we can customize for you according to your filtering precision and air permeability. More info on filter presses or filter clothes, pls contact us.

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