Construction Principle Of Sludge Filter Press

- Apr 25, 2017-

Sludge Filter press is mainly the sewage containing sediment, corrosion inhibitors, impurities, sulfur and other suspended substances using sludge pressure filtration method, remove the impurities in sewage particles, to avoid the whole system of sludge accumulation, affecting the treatment of sewage water quality. The sludge filter presses mainly consist of the rack, the automatic pulling board, the filtration, the hydraulic and the electrical appliance control five parts.

1. Rack Parts

Rack is the foundation of the whole equipment, it is mainly used to support the filtration mechanism and pull plate mechanism, by the thrust plate, pressing plate, base, cylinder body and the main girder and so on. When the equipment is running, the piston rod in the oil cylinder pushes the pressing plate, which will be positioned between the pressing plate and the thrust plate and the filter medium is pressed tightly to ensure the pressure filtration of the slurry with certain pressures in the filter chamber.

2, automatic pulling plate part

Pulling plate system by frequency conversion motor and reducer, pulling plate trolley, sprocket, chain, etc., in the PLC control, the inverter motor rotation, through the chain drive pull plate car to complete the pull-off action. In addition to the program control, but also manually controlled, can always control the process of the pull plate forward, stop, back action, to ensure that the smooth discharge.

3. Filtration section

The filter is arranged in a neat filter plate between the main beam and the filter media sandwiched between the filter plates. Reinforced Polypropylene Filter Plate selection of high-quality polypropylene with a unique formula to suppress, good mechanical properties, stable chemical properties, with pressure, heat, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, light weight, smooth surface, sealing, easy washing and other characteristics. When the filtration starts, the slurry is pushed by the feed pump. Through the feeding inlet of the thrust plate into the filter chamber, the filter slurry through the pressure from the feed pump to the solid-liquid separation, due to the filter media (filter cloth) The role of the solid in the filter room to form a cake, filtrate by the water mouth or out of liquid valve. If the filter cake needs washing, it can be washed by the washing mouth on the plate to wash water, the filter cake to wash; If you need a filter cake with lower moisture content, you can compress the air from the wash mouth through the cake layer and blow out a portion of the moisture in the filter cake.

4. Hydraulic Parts

The hydraulic part is the power plant of the host, in the electrical control system, through the oil cylinder, oil pump and hydraulic components to complete a variety of work. Can realize automatic compaction, automatic replenishment, and automatic release and other functions.

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