Dewatering Application Of Press Filter

- Apr 25, 2017-

1: Filter press as a mature dehydration equipment, is widely used in the field of environmental protection, sewage sludge treatment of important equipment.
2: Sludge mechanical dehydration mainly to remove the sludge particles between the capillary water, ordinary mechanical dehydration of sludge moisture content is often 65%-80%, in the mud cake.

3: Mechanical dewatering equipment In the past mainly has a belt filter press, plate filter press and horizontal screw sedimentation centrifuge, is commonly used box filter press, vertical hydraulic press filter, diaphragm and high-pressure plate machine.

4: Sludge dewatering can greatly reduce the sludge accumulation site, save the cost of transportation; when composting sludge is treated, dewatering of sludge can assure the compost smoothly (the sludge has a lower moisture content in the composting process); if sludge incineration, centralized treatment, sludge dewatering rate can greatly reduce heat consumption, reduce hazardous material handling costs.

5: However, the sludge composition is complex, relatively small density, fine particles, and often is the state of glue, determines its difficult dehydration characteristics, so far. In addition to ultra-high pressure vertical hydraulic pressure filter, the rest of the filter presses all increase drying process to reduce residual oil (liquid) rate.

6: The Belt Type Filter machine consumes low. Plastic Plate-Box filter cake water content is low, but horizontal screw sedimentation centrifuge to the sludge flow fluctuation adaptability, airtight performance is good, processing volume, small footprint. In China, the past sewage treatment plant mostly adopts centrifugal machine, belt filter Press and Plate filter press, small sewage treatment plant generally adopts concentrated dehydration machine. Now commonly used box filter press, diaphragm filter press, and ultra-high pressure vertical hydraulic pressure filter, its unique technology is the ideal equipment for sludge dewatering.

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