Filter Press And China Wastewater Treatment Policy

- Nov 04, 2017-

Recent years, there are lots of wastewater treatment plant are established. Why? Because now our environment protection policy is most strict in history. From 2015 new China Environment Protection Law, now our government has issued more and more laws to control the water pollution. So now more and more factories want to buy filter press to accommodate the change.

Filter Cake.jpg

According to new rules, the wastewater sludge dewatering standard has higher requirement: cake moisture should be no more than 60%. Thus, the market might eliminate some filtration types, such as centrifuge machine etc... Thus plate filter press plays a more important roles. Especially, our automatic membrane filter press can dewater waste sludge to around 50%, so it’s more and more welcomed by the market.

Our high pressure membrane filter press adopts hydraulic closing device with program control system. Especially, the max feeding pressure and squeezing pressure can arrived international standard. Pls contact us for pp filter press.

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