Russia Customer Visiting Our Filter Press Factory

- Jun 14, 2017-

Filter press machine is a popular tool for solid liqiod separation. On June 14, 2017, the Russia customers came to visit our company, and our high quality filter press and good serve were impressed to them.

Filter Plate Manufacturer (2).jpg

We showed the customers our producing lines of filter plates and our metal processing of filter presses. 1.Our filter plates adopt high quality PP material. After it’s shaped by press machine (4000 ton pressure), if the filter press plates pass the initial inspection, then it will be further processed by CNC milling machine or heat sealing machine, then drill holes and install handles. 2.For the steel frame parts, the material is high quality carbon steel Q235 or Q345, and welded by CO2 arc welding. After cooling, the whole structure will be processed by sand blasting to remove the rust, then painted by rust preventing paint and finish paint, so that ensure has a better adhesive force. Comparing with casting structure, our frame has more advantages: stable performance, better corrosion resistance, higher hardness, stronger tensile strength, higher loading pressure, better impact resistance, good appearance etc... According to overload test, the safety factor can be 2.2, so it ensures work stably and safely. 

Filter Press Factory.jpg

The customers are very satisfied with our filter press equipment. And the every question of the customers, we can give a detailed and professional answer. Our rich rich knowledge and good working ability also give the profound impression to the customers. After the filter press manufacturer visit, we also discussed our future cooperation and hope to distribute at their country.

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