Filter Press Manufacturer Notice

- Jul 25, 2017-

As a China filter press manufacturer, here sorry to inform: because of hot temperature and big market demand, recently our filter press delivery will be a little delay by about 1 week.

Hydraulic Filter Press_1.jpg

The plate frame filter press is the popular solid-liquid separation equipment, and it’s widely used for many industries. And now, the many countries strongly support environmental protection, so the filter presses has great demand. SINO FILTRATION devotes to the high quality filter press and recently there are many orders are under producing. Additionally, July, the hottest month in China, the temperature has reached more than 38 centigrade. This will also cause some inconvenience on the filter press manufacturing. 

Of course, we will try our best to improve the producing efficiency to catch the filter press delivery time. Here we also suggest please place the order earlier, so that we can arrange your order as early as possible. This situation will changed after middle August.

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