Notice For The Filter Press Payment And Customs Clearance

- Jul 09, 2017-

SINO FILTRATION is a legal China filter press manufacturer. We can supply with a high quality filter presses to meet customer individual needs. That’s why our products is very popular.

In the actual business, according company rules, we can accept various payment terms via T/T, L/C etc... To support you, we will supply with best filter press after-sales. However, recently some customers payed the money to our official account, but tried to refuse official customs clearance, so here we propose, to ensure your benefits and goods safety, pls do business legally. Of course, for some small value goods with small quantity, say, filter press spare parts, accessories for filter press diaphragm pump etc., according to Chinese laws, within some value, it doesn’t need customs clearance for the convenience, but for such orders, pls inform us in advance in order to avoid inconvenience and unnecessary cost on our both sides. Additionally, before your payment, pls confirm again our bank account to ensure your benefit safety via more than two methods, such as: email, skype, what’s app etc... Thanks.

Want to know filter press data sheet, pls contact us directly: 

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