High Temperature Filter Press Plate Customized For Poland Customer

- Dec 18, 2017-

As we know, filter press has a very wide functions for solid liquid perpetration. But while actual application, some customer’s material is very special, and normal filter press machine can not work very well. So, to meet such market demand, we can customize filter press or filter press plate individually.

China Filter Press Plate Manufacturer.jpg

In China, chamber filter press, normally can endure 75 ℃ with 0.6 MPa. For high temperature filter press, max can endure about 100 ℃. If much higher, normal filter press manufacturer will recommend cast iron filter press or stainless steel filter press.However, recently, one of Poland customer’s material is 120°C with high filtering pressure. To save cost for our customer, our technical team works several days to change the filter plate material elements, and finally, we developed a high pressure high temperature pp chamber filter press plate, which can endure 120°C with 1 MPa. If you has any special demand, pls contact us. Our technical team will try their best to serve you.

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