Hydraulic Chamber Filter Press Delivered To Bangladesh

- Jun 23, 2017-

Filter press application is very wide. Today, our Chamber filter press is delivered. We had finished loading before the 9:00 am. then it will transport to Shanghai port and will arrive the Bangladesh on time. This machine is 630mm hydraulic filter press with open filtrate discharging. And it will be used for dyeing waste water.

Hydraulic Filter Press_1.jpg

The dyeing waste water include desizing waste water, scouring waste water, bleaching waste water and printing waste water etc. And it has some features: large water capacity, high content of organic pollution, big changes of pH value and lots of fiber etc.., thus it has more strict pretreatment to avoid environment pollution. The recessed filter press has good filtering performance for it.

Hydraulic Filter Press_3.jpg

Our filter presses adopts advanced technology and with the high quality material.
1.The filer structure is made of high quality Q235 carbon steel which has a large structure strength.
2.Filter plates are made of reinforced polypropylene through mold pressing. Our plates have big strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, non-poisonous and odorless.
3.Filter cloths adopts high quality polypropylene with acid and alkali proof.
4.Hydraulic station uses horizontal design with easy structure.
5.Electric control cabinet adopts Siemens PLC and Schneider elements.

Hydraulic Filter Press_2.jpg

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