Installation And Commissioning Of Press Filter

- Apr 25, 2017-

1. Press filter should be installed on the basis of flat concrete. The feeding end of the thrust plate is fixed on the basis of anchor bolts; The bracket ends with the anchor Bolt, or the anchor Bolt is positioned with two nuts, locking the NUT gasket and the proper clearance between the machine leg and the pin can be scaled up. The position before the installation personnel should revise the vertical degree of the crossbeam and the large plane of the thrust plate.

2. The foundation structure should be designed by the construction workers according to the equipment load situation, the anchor bolts to reserve the hole position two times grouting advisable.

3. Press filter should have enough operation maintenance space, hydraulic pressure pressure filter Press to choose the appropriate position to place the hydraulic station to ensure that the hydraulic station can work properly.

4. According to the work requirements to put the filter plate, layout feed, washing and drainage pipeline. Equipped with filter pressure display table and control filtration pressure reflux channel. If diaphragm squeeze type, then arranges compressed air pipeline.

5. Hydraulic press filter, hydraulic station oil tank into the clean 20#-40# hydraulic machinery oil, the use of temperature >-5 ℃, such as low ambient temperature, can choose similar viscosity, low-point hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil must be joined by 80-100 mesh filter.

6. Mechanical or hydraulic pressure clamping device, the power of the starting motor should work correctly. Pressure gauges should be steadily rising, hydraulic system without leakage, according to the correct size of the hydraulic pressure station to adjust the work force, after testing machine if the oil tank is found insufficient to be supplemented.

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