Operation Process Of Sludge Filter Press

- Apr 25, 2017-

1. Operation according to the following procedure: pressure filter → open pump feeding → closing feed pump → Remove the filter plate unloading → cleaning inspection filter cloth → Ready to enter the next cycle.

2. Operating method: Close the power switch, the power indicator light. Press the "Start" button to start the pump. Move all the filter plates to the end of the thrust plate and make it located in the center of the two beams. Press the "Tight" button, the piston pushes the pressing plate, the pressure of all filter plates to reach the hydraulic pressure value (hydraulic pressure value see performance table), rotating lock nut lock tight pressure, press the "Close" button, the pump stops working.

Undercurrent: Open filtrate valve discharge liquid, clear flow: open water mouth discharge liquid, open feed valve, feed filter. Close the feeding valve and stop feeding. Washable: Open the water mouth, and then open the washing water valve, the influent washing (filter cake washing whether by the user decides).

Start the oil pump, press the "tight" button, to lock the nut, the nut to the piston rod to the front end (pressing the plate side), and then press the "Release" button, the piston to press the tight plate back to the appropriate work clearance, shut off the motor. Remove slag from each filter plate. Check the filter cloth, filter plate, remove the residue on the bonding surface. Once again, all the filter plates are moved to the end of the thrust plate and in both sides of the center, the next work cycle can be entered.

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