Plate Frame Filter Press Used For Rain And Sewage Diversion

- Dec 17, 2018-

Recently our city is prepossessing rain and sewage diversion. It is a kind of drainage system, which separate sewage and rains, then use individual pipeline to carry out discharge or subsequent treatment. This can greatly improve the efficiency of ETP (sewage treatment plant). This renovation also is good for dredging wastewater treatment. 

To support the project, recent years, the government has issued many policies to control the waste discharging, especially for the following industries, which will bring big pollution, such as, casting, chemicals, cement, sand washing etc... And those industrial companies are required to install equipment for pollution disposal, then the wastes are allowed to be discharged. For example, the chemical plant have to buy plate frame filter press, plunger pump and other facilities for wastewater further treatment; at the same time, the existing waste tanks must be processed by anti-seepage and reinforcement; additionally if has dust pollution, it must be disposed in a closed place as possible as they can.

At present, it seems increases the investment, but in the long run, it can brings much more welfare. Only “three  wastes” (waste water, waste gas, waste dust) can be perfectly controlled from the original, then it will be much easier to carry out rain and sewage diversion and dredging sludge treatment. In the near future, the water will be more clean and the sky will be more blue.  

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